Hey Major Crimes fans, your years of writing-in Major Crimes and Mary McDonnell as nominees for the People’s Choice have finally paid off, as they’ve made the formal ballot! Now it’s time to vote for them to make it to the Top 5 nominees. Vote as many times as you can between now and November 4th to help them make the cut!

Vote for Major Crimes as Favorite Cable TV Drama:!/home/all/38/2

Vote for Mary McDonnell as Favorite Cable TV Actress:!/home/all/41/2

Spread the word and tell your friends to vote!

Somehow the Snow Queen made it sound like building a snowman is the most evil thing on the face of the earth.

I just wanted to save the world.

"Well, you never know. I moved in with the Cohens and I gave it a week.
Here I am.”

Bonnie “literally done with everyone” Winterbottom


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Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?